Welcome to the Old Catholic Church - Priory of Great Britain!


The Old Catholic Church is a broad and welcoming church and it offers a spiritual home to all those who seek to know God and to live a life of holiness, prayer and service.


The Priory of Lancashire, based in Preston, is dedicated to pursuing an authentic, traditional life of spirituality focused on work and community.


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Prayer and Work


We believe that the route to a holy life, for most people, is one concentrated on the twin poles of prayer and work. We hope that our community will help you seek personal holiness, happiness and excellence. 

Study and Community


Most Old Catholic Churches are small in nature and, in Britain, geographically scattered. For most of those who hold to Old Catholic beliefs, like us, we suggest belonging to an Anglican or Roman Catholic parish where they can belong to a normal Christian community. 


The role of the Priory is to provide support in prayer, study, conversation and the opportunity to deepen one's intellectual and spiritual life. 


The support we provide includes training in the use of the Divine Office and the wider sacred liturgy, access to the sacraments, advice and support with careers, help with study, and tea and biscuits!