Our Faith

There is no shortage of debate on the faith of Old Catholics. Broadly speaking, we accept the Catholic faith as officially and universally held prior to the definitions of papal infallibility promulgated by the First Vatican Council in the second half of the nineteenth century.

An Ancient Faith

The principal concern of Old Catholics is to respect the essentials of Catholic Christianity in both faith and life. Thus, while there is debate over whether women can or should be ordained, there is no disagreement about the value and role of the sacred priesthood in the life of faith.

An Open Mind

Alongside this adherence to the ancient faith, there is open and frank discussion about matters of doctrine, discipline and life such as divorce and remarriage. The Priory of Great Britain leaves these matters to individual conscience, but we urge all Old Catholics to consider these matters in the light of experience, ancient and modern, as well as of faith, holy doctrine and the integrity of out faith.