Life as an Old Catholic Layperson

In the wonderful world of Old Catholicism, lay-people are sometimes left feeling unsupported. Yet it can be a blessed vocation. To begin with, Old Catholicism is largely free of the doctrinal harangues of Anglicanism and Roman Catholicism.

There is still more! Maintaining a theological viewpoint that is at one with the historical Catholic faith, without succumbing to Pope-worship or Synod-worship makes for an easier and more settled faith. One possesses a structured and historic faith without being constrained to accept papal infallibility on the one hand, or women's ordination on the other. Being an Old Catholic layperson is often ideal.

The Priory supports laypeople by providing a safe space for discussion, prayer and pastoral support from within the tradition. This may occasionally be useful or necessary if one worships regularly with Romans or Anglicans. Please contact us for more details.