Support in Life

Being an Old Catholic can be a lonely experience. In Britain, there are very few Old Catholics and most of them seem to be the weird and wonderful miscellany of ordained persons.


The Priory exists to provide what support it can in your life of faith, as well as more broadly. To that end, we can recommend good Old Catholic priests if you seek the sacraments, or provide pastoral support (usually online) in most cases. We are also happy to help, where we can, with practical issues like job hunting or just venting!


We should say that we do not provide ordination, but we do encourage study and prayer (for which, after a period of time, we can provide references).

A Thinking Community

Membership of the Priory community (which is free) allows you to participate in and contribute to a thinking community of faith, which should enrich your life of work and service in your parish.

Community of St. Joseph the Worker

Some of us do aspire to have, one day, a community of laypeople and/or religious who would have a common life of prayer and work. We are quite happy to do this online, though, for the time being!


Brother Joseph is, at present, the only member of this community but watch this space!

A Working Community

We believe that work is a key part to any joyful and worthwhile Christian life. We thus seek to support it by providing support for reflection and personal development. You will also find that we articulate a theology of work that aims to integrate it into a full, active and joyful life.


Please contact us for more details!