The Anglican Breviary

In the ancient tradition of the Church, eight "hours" are recited daily in the divine office so as to offer praise and intercession to the Most High God. An ancient understanding has the Church as offering this praise with the voice of Christ in the Spirit to the Eternal Father through using the words of the Psalms of David. This pattern of prayer, with many reforms, continues to this day. Most Roman Catholic priests and many laypeople will pray each day by using The Liturgy of the Hours, which maintains the essential structure in a simplified and usable format. 


The Priory of Great Britain wishes to honour and employ the older forms of liturgical worship, where possible. To that end, we are dedicated to using The Anglican Breviary, which is a translation into Cranmerian English of the ancient Breviarium Romanum. Used by many notable religious communities for many years, it is a classical and underappreciated spiritual work, which brings into the present the very best of our spiritual heritage.


To help further our aim, we use the Anglican Breviary in a simplified form, keeping very much to the proper of time and the ordinary of the text, for recitation or singing of the Office should be a pleasure rather than a stern duty.


If you would like to join your prayers with ours, please email or contact us using the form provided.